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Accidents at work

Accident at work - when can I claim?

Whilst at work your employer must ensure that your working conditions are safe for you to carry out your job. This includes ensuring that all your equipment is safe and appropriate, that you are not asked to carry out tasks that are beyond your skills (if that would make it unsafe for you to do them), and that you are properly trained to carry out any tasks that are part of your job and which may put you at risk of injury if not carried out properly - such as lifting heavy items.

There are numerous laws in place that set out what employers are obliged to do (or not do), as well as court cases which have also established guidelines for good working practices. All in all, this means that it is quite onerous to be an employer these days!

There are many circumstances in which an employer may be found liable by a court for an accident suffered by an employee and it is important that you contact us to seek advice on the individual circumstances of your accident as soon as possible.

What if I have been sacked or demoted or have some other grievance against my employer?

In this case it is even more important that you seek advice immediately. This type of claim will usually involve an Employment Tribunal, and the time limit for such claims is quite short - 3 months in most cases. We do not deal directly in employment law, but can refer you for specialist help where necessary.

Who will pay for my claim if I am successful?

By law, your employer must also have insurance cover for incidents that they may be liable for - this is called Employer’s Liability Insurance. A certificate of this insurance must be displayed prominently in your workplace. If you have an accident it is often a good idea to find this certificate and note down the name of the insurer and the policy number. Unfortunately, there are still a number of (usually smaller) employers who break the law and do not have this cover. This can make it difficult to make a claim if your employer does not have the funds to pay compensation and the legal fees ordered against them.

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