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Our Fees

We will discuss funding and fees with you from the start, before you incur any cost.

We typically offer to represent you on a “No Win No Fee” (Conditional Fee) basis, but can offer fixed fees and pay as you go instalments and in suitable cases.

Sometimes funding through legal expenses insurance is available, subject to the terms of the policy.

We will give a clear written indication of our fees and the money we expect to pay out on your behalf during the case at the start and from time to time during the proceedings so you always know so far as is possible the costs you have agreed to incur.

Our rates are calculated in accordance with the current Solicitors’ guideline hourly rates as published by HM Courts and Tribunals Service. Solicitors’ Guideline Hourly Rates - GOV.UK

You could choose to fund the case yourself but most of our clients opt for our “No Win No Fee” arrangement. This gives you full legal representation with no upfront charges and no legal costs to pay if you lose.1

No Win No Fee is more correctly called a Conditional Fee Agreement but it still means that if you lose you do not pay us any legal fees.

In 2013, the Government made changes to the way that personal injury claims are funded, so that people making a claim have “stake” in the process. Under these regulations you might be expected to pay up to a maximum of 25% of your compensation (leaving aside any money recovered to pay for future losses) towards your own legal fees only if you win, but never more than that.

Furthermore, if your claim arises out of a motorcycle, or pedal cycle accident, we promise not to touch any of the money that you recover for repair or replacement of your bike.

As far as we are concerned 25% is not a goal for us to work towards and we will always review each completed case on its own merits and will discuss the proposed contribution with you. Any fee contribution which is proposed, aims to be fair to you and to us.

  1. There may still be a liability to pay “disbursements” which are expenses that are paid to others in order to progress your claim, such as a police accident report fee or a medical expert’s fee for preparing a report on your injuries. You can take out a policy of insurance which will cover these disbursements. The premium is paid at the end of the case and only if you win and is likely to be only a small proportion of what you are going to recover in compensation if your claim is successful. We will explain this to you as part of the initial discussion of your claim. 

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